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Nice to meet you! We’re Muddy York Brewing Co., a small batch brewery in the East York area of Toronto. This is our story…


About Muddy York Brewing Co.

Buried deep in the layers of history beneath Toronto’s downtown core lies the story of Muddy York. Founded in 1793, the burgeoning settlement then known as York, was the foundation of what would become the thriving metropolis we know today. In its early years, the lack of infrastructure made life for the city’s inhabitants difficult. During rainfall, the unpaved streets transformed into impassable muddy avenues, earning the city the somewhat disparaging nickname Muddy York. It was a time of hard work and new beginnings, where folks took pride in their craft and built things to last. We here at Muddy York Brewing Co. feel much the same way about our beer.

Many of the beer styles we enjoy today have their roots in this era. Porter, for example, was enjoying the height of its popularity around this time, becoming the first beer ever to be produced on an industrial scale. The Porter style gave way to a diverse family of stouts as well as its full-bodied cousin, Baltic Porter. The advancements in technology around this time allowed brewers to better utilize the raw ingredients, leading the way to such styles as pale ales and India Pale Ales. Brewers in continental Europe also took advantage of the advancements, bringing us Pilsners, Helles’ and a wide variety of pale lagers. Journeying across the Atlantic, brewers in the new world did what they do best, taking traditional styles to their limits, giving us a new understanding of what beer can be.

Here at Muddy York Brewing Co., we take a ‘less is more’ approach to brewing. We don’t look for the most unorthodox ingredients to get your attention; we let the flavour speak for itself. Remarkably drinkable and well balanced, our beers are handcrafted in small batches. We take pride in the details, because it’s the details that make good beers great.

We heartily invite you to join us in celebrating the culmination of beers’ long and vibrant history. Enjoy a Muddy York beer and ‘taste the past’.


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Get Acquainted

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Meet Jeff Manol, Head Brewer and Founder of Muddy York Brewing Co.


Muddy York Brewing Co.: An Introduction.

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