Pavilion Pale Ale is back; now with a new label!


Our Pavilion Pale Ale is back in the fridge, now with a snappy new label. Incredibly thirst quenching with a citrusy hop profile, this brew makes us think of pavilion shaded picnics and days spent on the beach. It’s moderate bitterness makes this an all around crowd-pleaser.

We decided to turn the tables a bit with the artwork and feature lads in their “bathing costume”. Because why not? It’s 2016 right? We’ve all seen the marco beer ads of the 80’s and 90’s with their pool parties, bikini clad girls and anthropomorphized bull terriers (???). Well, it probably goes without saying, but those times have past, and using sex to sell beer is sort of ridiculous and irrelevant. We’d like to think that our Pavilion label is poking fun of the perceived differences in advertising to ‘male beer drinkers’ and ‘female beer drinkers’. Spoiler alert: there really shouldn’t be a difference. Women as well and men enjoy this product and industry equally! We don’t mean to get preachy here, but craft beer is for everyone. Doesn’t matter your age, gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, what-have-you. We genuinely want everyone that steps through our doors to feel welcome and included. Phew, feels good to get that off our chests! And let us say thank you, as always, to our amazing customers for all the support since we opened our retail store.

On a side-note, these illustrated gentlemen advertised swim suits made from knitted wool from an early 1900’s catalog. Although the only flexible fiber available at the time, we can’t imagine that they would be the most comfortable! Soggy, itchy wool, yuck!

Drop into the retail store for a few bottles of Pavilion Pale Ale and reminisce about sunny days, the beach and be thankful for the invention of nylon and spandex.

Your friendly neighbourhood brewery,

Muddy York Brewing Co.