Founder, Jeff Manol

Muddy York Brewing Co.’s founder Jeff Manol has finally realized his dream of opening a craft brewery after many years of homebrewing. He is the author of the blog Hoptomology, which has chronicled his experiences and experiments, providing a valuable resource for recipes, equipment and education to many aspiring brewers.

Jeff has won multiple awards for his beers in homebrew competitions across the country. Most notably, ‘Best of Show’ in the 2013 National Capital Beer Week Homebrewing Competition and 2nd place in the 2013 Beau’s Oktoberfest “People’s Choice” Awards. He is a certified BJCP beer judge and has judged at the Ontario Brewing Awards, Canadian Brewing Awards and local homebrewing competitions.

A long time resident of East York and father of two, Jeff is married to the very talented Susan Michalek, designer behind Muddy York Brewing Co.’s creative. Always the ardent DIYer, Jeff is also a gardener, planter of hops, canner/preserver, equipment builder and grower of the most amazing mustache east of the Don River.