Tropical Storms Brewing


Admiral Robert FitzRoy, the captain of Darwin’s HMS Beagle, invented the storm glass barometer: an instrument that predicts weather conditions by responding to atmospheric fluctuations. Crystals within the sealed glass chamber cluster or disperse when changes in air pressure or temperature are detected. The liquid contained within the storm glass mimics the surrounding climatic conditions; a clear liquid denotes a clear day, cloudy liquid, a cloudy day, small, crystallized stars in clear liquid during winter means snow is imminent.

FitzRoy set the standard for forecasting weather and as a result, fishermen, explorers, and sailors the world over owe him a debt of gratitude. If he were alive today, perhaps he’d think a six-pack of our new Storm Glass I.P.A. a worthy token of thanks.

This late-hopped, New-England style I.P.A. is focused on the flavours and aromas of Equinox and Amarillo hops, elevating their inherent tropical qualities to the forefront. Slightly cloudy, with big passion fruit notes, Storm Glass I.P.A. from Muddy York Brewing Co. won’t predict today’s weather, but we predict it will be in your glass this spring and summer.

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Wishing you fair winds and calm seas,
From all of us at Muddy York Brewing Co.

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