Namaste For A Beer With Amanda Lee Caskie

When the studio is a craft beer taproom! Join Certified Yoga Instructor Amanda Lee Caskie in the Muddy York Brewing Taproom for our first ever 60 minute yoga class and stay for a post-class refreshment. You also have an option to take part in a guided tasting flight conducted by a Muddy York team member. All levels of yoga practice and beer tasting experience are welcome.

Sunday, March 3rd
Arrive 9:50am
Yoga 10am
Guided beer tasting at 11am

BYOMat 19+

Spots are limited

Buy your ticket now!

Big Beer Soap Workshop at Muddy York Brewing

A Cold Process Beer Soap Workshop

Big Beer Soap Company will cover the chemistry behind soap making in simple terms, including what saponification is as well as the benefits of different oils, butters and BEER! This class will unlock the secret of soap making, giving you the confidence to make your own soaps at home.

Each student can customize their own batch of beer soap with scent and dried botanicals.

Each student will leave with approximately 1 lb of soap 4-6 bars, a booklet with recipes, instructions & links. Leave with a Beer Soap 6-pack! 

All materials are included in the cost and are 100% vegan.

$40 for the workshop, this includes one beer from Muddy York Brewing's 12 taps!

Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 3:30 PM – 6 PM, get your ticket now on eventbrite.

The Magical Legend of Bernard

This Saturday, we’ll be releasing a historical Polish beer, The Legend of Bernard Grodziskie (pronounced Grod-zis-kay). Often referred to as “Polish Champagne Beer,” Grodziskies are brewed with 100% oak-smoked wheat malt, have high levels of carbonation, a unique mineral character, and are typically less than 4% ABV.
Bernard of Wabrzeźno was a Benedictine monk who, legend has it, prayed that the depleted well of Grodzisk be replenished so that the town-folk would be able to continue to produce beer – their primary source of income. Bernard’s prayers resulted in magically refilling the well water and purportedly giving it healing powers; curing any ill person who drank from it. The new Grodzisk-style beer produced using Bernard’s miraculous water was said to be superior to any they'd brewed before.
To be clear, we don't believe in magic monks or miracle water, but we do think that this forgotten style of beer deserves another look. One drink of The Legend of Bernard Grodziskie may just heal all that ails you.
It will be on tap and in the fridge on Saturday morning.

Na Zdrowie (To your health),

Muddy York Brewing Co.

Little Robot Friends Workshop at Muddy York Brewing

In collaboration with Little Robot Friends, we're hosting a family-friendly STEAM activity. Join us on Sunday, January 27th between 12pm-3pm to learn paper circuits!

Kids will get a chance to design a Valentine's Day card, but it's not any ordinary card! They'll make a simple circuit and light it up. We'll be tinkering with cool things like LEDs, conductive tape, and coin cell batteries. This activity is great for kids age 6 and up, no experience required!

Parents will have a moment to sit back and relax. Enjoy an award-winning craft beer (or two) made by Muddy York Brewing, while the kids make circuit cards. There's a little something for everyone!

RSVP today if you'd like to join us! It only costs $7 to make a circuit card (you can pay onsite).

Modernizing the Rules for the Sale and Consumption of Alcohol in Ontario

The provincial government released a questionnaire to the public looking for feedback around their plans to expand the retail landscape for producers of alcoholic beverages. We’d love for you, our valued customers and supporters to have your say.

As it stands now, craft breweries like ours are only able to sell products on-site at the brewery, at the LCBOThe Beer Store, and select grocery stores

This is problematic for myriad reasons. The LCBO, was never built or designed to deal with warehousing, stocking, and selling the products of the nearly 300 craft breweries currently operating in Ontario. They are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of available beers. Despite becoming a destination for craft beer consumers, beer has never been core to its business. The result is an inconsistent shopping experience for customers.

The Beer Store, while focused on selling beer, is owned and operated by AB InBev, Molson-Coors, and Sapporo (all multi-national companies). This, apart from being a serious conflict of interest, is an ethical problem for small producers like ourselves. We want access to the 80% market share the Beer Store enjoys selling to, but not for the price of lining our direct and most contentious competitors pockets. So, we’ve made the decision not to sell our beers there. 

Grocery is a new retail channel for beer and wine in the province. Currently, grocery stores purchase the beer products from the LCBO. The LCBO then buys the products from the breweries and arranges shipment via the producers to the grocery stores. This means that the grocery stores make almost no money selling beer as they need to match the price at the LCBO to remain competitive. This leaves nearly no incentive for them to carefully curate their beer selection. 

Where does this leave us?

Well, for starters, we’d like the ability to sell our beers through our own channels, not just the highly ambiguous options we currently have. We’d love the opportunity to sell our products in the same way cannabis producers are going to be allowed to sell theirs; namely at privately owned and operated shops. This could be in conjunction with other like-minded breweries (The Craft Beer Store…) or as a stand-alone Muddy York Retail Store. 

If you’ve got a few minutes to fill out the government’s questionnaire, we’d appreciate it. Closing Date for this survey is Feb. 1st, 2019, so please don't wait, make your voices heard. 

Muddy York Brewing Co.

NewsSusan Michalek
From 0 to 110 in One Afternoon

Friday afternoon we’ll be releasing our Paper Moon Brut IPA and Dereliction Double IPA in 355mL cans.
Paper Moon, a bone-dry IPA that’s as effervescent as sparkling wine and boasts a robust New World hop aroma, clocks in at 0 IBUs due to zero hops in the boil. We add tons of Vic Secret and Mosaic in the dry-hopping process which means big flavours of ripe stone fruit with no bitterness. 
At 8.2% ABV Dereliction DIPA revs up the IBUs to a turbo-charged 110, providing you with a firm bitterness and a malty body to back it up. Pouring a vibrant golden colour, it tastes like a dank pine forest, and has a hop-forward character, in both aroma and flavour. Brewed with Simcoe, Summit, Columbus, and Centennial hops, it is well-balanced, citrusy, and drinks like a classic west-coast DIPA.

Both will be on tap and in the fridge.

See you soon,

Holiday Hours

- Taproom and Retail Store Holiday Hours -

Sunday Dec. 23rd - 11am to 6pm
Monday Dec. 24th - 11am to 4pm
Tuesday Dec. 25th - closed
Wednesday Dec. 26th - 11am to 6pm
Dec. 27th, 28th, 29th - 11am to 8pm
Sunday Dec. 30th - 11am to 6pm
Monday Dec. 31st - 11am to 4pm

Tuesday Jan. 1st - closed

Warmest Wishes this Holiday Season,

One Last Thing Before You Disappear into the Christmas Void

We just wanted to let you know that today, we’ll have fresh bottles of Prost! Dunkelweizen and our new Wild Loyalist Cream Ale in the fridge. We'll also be tapping an extra festive version of Stork Derby Stout with Chocolate and Peppermint on cask in the taproom this Friday! Also, beginning Friday and lasting through the end of 2018, we’ll be offering a $3 discount on every six-pack of cans purchased.

So, if you’re looking to celebrate the completion of the last full working week of the year (unless you’re Santa), stop into the Muddy York Brewing Taproom/Retail Store and give yourself the gift of revelry. 

Greetings From Krampus

Krampus is an Eastern European folklore figure who, according to legend, punished or kidnapped children at Christmas time for their transgressions. Unlike his jovial friend Saint Nicholas, who rewarded the well-behaved with gifts, this scary, horned, half-goat/half-demon was not who you wanted to invite for dinner on Christmas Eve.
Krampus Dark Sour With Cherry won’t steal your children, but you might be tempted to snatch every bottle for yourself. Dark and roasty, this tart ale has a pronounced sour cherry flavour with hints of mulled wine.

Fill your sack with bottles of Krampus Dark Sour With Cherry this Saturday. Or treat yourself to a pint at the Taproom bar.  

Greetings from Krampus!

Beer. Diversity. at Muddy York Brewing Co.

Join Muddy York Brewing and Ren Navarro for a discussion on diversity in the beer industry, drink our collaboration beer "Working Twice As Hard Double IPA" and have some tasty eats brought to you by Butchie's.

An outspoken critic of the old notion that beer is a drink primarily for white dudes, Navarro is on the frontlines to initiate change both in and out of the industry. One beer at a time.

A ticket gains you entrance to the talk, a Q & A session and one 12oz pour of "Working Twice As Hard DIPA." Food and additional beer will be extra and available for purchase during the event.

Event takes place on Dec. 1st at 6pm, buy your ticket through eventbrite.

What's in Store for Black Friday? Cognac Barrel-Aged Inkwell Imperial Stout, That's What

This Friday, Nov 23rd our ONLINE STORE GOES LIVEand what better way to mark the opening of the Muddy York Online Store than to offer a Black Friday release of our Inkwell Imperial Stout? This year’s iteration was aged in a cognac barrel. At 11.9%, its boozy warmth adds complex flavours of anise, oak, molasses and toasted almonds to the bold notes of tobacco, espresso, and dark chocolate. Its full-body, soft carbonation, and dry finish is the stuff of Christmas miracles. We’ve packaged 248 in a 375mL bottle and 72 in a sharable 750mL bottle.

If Black Friday web shopping isn’t your jam, on Saturday, Nov 24th, at 11am, we’ll be releasing both bottle sizes at the Muddy York Retail Shop. We’ll even have some on tap for you to try.

Happy beginning to the Holiday Season,

*Though we’re launching this with the best of intentions, the Canada Post strike is definitely putting a wrench in the works. (No disrespect to our postal workers. Thanks for bringing us our cheques!) So, while we will do our best to ship these out to you in a timely fashion, please understand that this is entirely out of our control. We will be happy to make alternative shipping arrangements with you if you’d prefer not to take your chances. Stayed tuned for details.