A Pale Ale Worth its Weight in Words, Absolutely Guaranteed

We’re releasing a brand-new Pale Ale today. It’s soft, hazy, and bursting with notes of tropical and citrus fruit. “Sounds delicious,” you say. “But what’s it called?” We’re glad you asked because we think this new Pale Ale has the best name in the history of beer. Muddy York Brewing Co. is proud to announce that as of today, you will be able to purchase Absolutely Guaranteed Premium Ace Famous Olde Tyme Capitol Special Club Pale Ale in 355mL cans. Don’t feel like saying all those words? Just call it by its nickname – AGPAFOTCSCPA. We’ll know what you mean.
Stop in for a pint and take some home today.

Happy Weekend,
MuddyYork Brewing Co.

Susan Michalek