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Peas + Thank You Pop-Up

Peas + Thank You will be servin' up all the plant based treats and eats this time on the east side! Join us on Oct. 6th in the taproom between 12 and 5pm for an all vegan menu.
Wanna know what they're bringing?
- mac attack -

Chipotle mac and cheese with a creamy sauce. topped off with battered and fried oyster mushrooms and drizzle with ranch 

- the colossus -

Fully loaded fried shroom sammie. With cheese,tofu bacon,spinach , tomato ,kettle chips, buffalo sauce and a creamy sauce. 

- falcos -

Falafel tacos, made with hummus, kale with a lemon vinaigrette, fresh veggies topped with a tahini mayo and sesame seeds.

And of course let's not forget about the beer infused treats!!

You Can Kiss My CASK!

You Can Kiss My CASK! Save the date for a mini cask beer festival right here in the taproom on Saturday, Sept. 8th. You can expect cask conditioned ales by great breweries such as Sawdust City BreweryRouge River Brewing CompanyRainhard Brewing Co.5 Paddles Brewing CompanyForked River Brewing Company and The Collingwood Brewery. Casks tapped at noon, open until 9pm, no admission fee, just come and enjoy. Food by new resto butcher M'Eat.

2nd Year of Beer

Happy New Year!

Please join us as we celebrate our 2-year anniversary at our new favourite east-end spot Lake Inez on Thursday, February 9th. If you haven't checked this place out yet, we promise you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be transported into a cozy, elegant space with no shortage of nostalgia. Chef Robbie Hojilla Asian-inspired bar food is a delicious mix of large and small sharing plates and the beer taps are impressive, not to mention beautiful (the glass mural is exquisite!) We are lucky enough to hold 9 taps that night and we will also be unveiling a brand new anniversary brew, our Plank Road Baltic Porter for the very first time! You don’t want to miss this. We would really love to thank and congratulate our friends at The Wren (also at the helm of Lake Inez) for all the support they’ve shown us over the last two years.

Big News! A first step to building our taproom is underway this week. We are polishing the concrete floors so if you plan on visiting us, please excuse the dust! We are going to keep the retail shop open all week for you but there might be a few moments we need to keep out of the worker’s way. Perhaps some kind of craft beer walk-up window should be implemented? Lol.

Hoping to see you all soon!
From all of us at Muddy York Brewing Co.

You'll Want These In Your Fridge


As we slip into spring and summer, we are getting ready to put away those jackets, fire up the BBQ and enjoy the patio weather ahead! To kick off the season here are some of the beers you'll want to stock your fridge with this month.

Roller Boat I.P.A. - The juicy, citrusy flavors of this I.P.A will take you for a ride into the world of beautiful west coast hops. This beer pairs well with sharp cheeses, grilled meat and anything Mexican. Steak fajitas anyone?

Brick Maker Common -  What is a Common? The California Common style is brewed with a special strain of lager yeast that ferments at ale temperatures. This yeast provides a beautiful array of fruity esters in the aroma and we’ve balanced this with the woody and sometimes mint flavours of Northern Brewer hops. Seafood and BBQ chicken goes well with this unique west coast lager.

Diving Horse Pale Ale - It’s back! Diving Horse blends 4 hops; Nelson Sauvin, Simcoe, Cascade and Chinook, to bring you a good hop kick, imparting notes of white grape, grapefruit and pine. Try this one with earthy and nutty cheeses like gouda or munster. This food friendly pale ale is also excellent with pizza!

Grab them at our retail bottle shop or you may find them on tap at some of the fine establishments that carry Muddy York.

From all of us at Muddy York Brewing Co.

Retail Store Grand Opening!

We are super pleased to announce the grand opening of our retail bottle shop on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016! Some of you might be thinking, "hey, don't you already have a retail shop?" Yes, we have had some successful pop-ups in the past... AND on occasion, we have been supplying individuals with fresh bottles of MYBC beer, but now with our expansion, we'll be opening our doors to everyone on a consistent basis!

Tuesday and Wednesday 11am to 4pm
Thursday and Friday 11am to 7pm
Saturday 11am to 4pm

Visit our retail store page for info and a real time listing of available beers.

So what's next for this local east end brewery? We're also very excited to be working on opening a taproom on location later this year! So stay tuned, we'll keep you updated on the progress.

From all of us at Muddy York Brewing Co.

Happy Brew Year!

It's been a full rotation around the sun since we launched our Muddy York Porter at the end of January last year, and what a first year it's been! We've met so many wonderful beer-lovers as well as industry folk who have graciously welcomed us into the fold and we are very grateful for that!

Looking back, it’s been a very busy year for us. Jeff is still balancing the brewery with his Tool & Die shop which makes for some very long days, but as the brewery grows, the foundation is laid for bigger things to come. It’s all very clear when we pull a glass from the tanks what all the work is for.

There’s been many highlights over the past year. Attending craft beer events has always been been fun for us, but participating in them from the other side of the tap handle was amazingly fun. Witnessing  the enthusiasm of people discovering our beer for the first time and talking shop with them was definitely inspiring. Some of the notable events were The Brewer’s Backyard, the SOBDL Bevies, Toronto Craft Brew Cruise, Cask Days and our first ever tap-takeover hosted by Lansdowne Brewery. We were also invited to participate in the WVRST Craft Beer Invitational which showcases only the newest and smallest of us out there. It’s an amazing opportunity to try flights from some of Ontario’s up and coming breweries. Over the course of the weekend, patrons voted on their favourites, and we were very proud to be in the top 3!

Beer rating apps like Untappd have all but become synonymous with craft beer, allowing people to check-in, rate and comment on the various beers they have tried. We were quite surprised but very pleased to see that we’ve been holding steady in the top 15 of highest rated breweries in Canada!!! It seems that those of you checking in really like your hops, because our top 3 rated beers were Roller Boat IPA, Diving Horse Pale and Dereliction Double IPA. In addition to the attention our hoppy beers have received, our Gaslight Helles has found a devoted following around town.

In response to the demand we’ve received so far, we've secured financing for our first expansion. Renovations are already underway to utilize 2000 Sq.ft of our building, knocking down some of the existing walls to create a more open concept that the brewery deserves. This past week we received a shiny new 7bbl brewhouse that will double our production capacity and 6 x 7bbl fermenters to quadruple our current fermentation capacity. In the grand scheme of things, we are still tiny, but for us this is a huge step. We are working hard to get these online to produce more of the beers you have come to enjoy as well as expand on our existing lineup. Our first priority once this system is in place will be to establish regular hours at our retail bottle shop (we are hoping to have things rolling by March, so stay tuned!). Connecting with the people that enjoy craft beer is really one of the most gratifying parts of running a brewery and offers us a chance to build community.

2016 is looking like a very exciting time for beer in Ontario and at Muddy York Brewing Co. We really couldn’t have come this far without all of you who appreciate, seek out, and support the breweries and the people making craft beer in this city and in this province. From the bottom of our hearts - Thank You!

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Simcoe Holiday Pop-Up Shop!

Hey Connoisseurs of Craft,

Hope you are enjoying the summer! We are excited to announce our 2nd Pop-up this Saturday, August 1st, 22 Cranfield Road, Toronto, Ontario, M4B 3H1, from 12-4pm. Remember it's cash and credit only!

In honour of the Simcoe Day holiday, we will be introducing a new beer with a ton of, you guessed it, Simcoe hops! Our Dereliction Double IPA will be available for the first time and is loaded with Simcoe, Summit & Centennial hops. It has an ABV of 8.2% and a whopping 225 IBU's. Ok, you won't actually get 225 IBU's out of it, (we can only perceive up to about 100) but it does promise to deliver a thorough hop experience for those of you looking for an intense, but very balanced, Double IPA. Quantity is limited, so be sure to arrive early! Also available will be the first beer in our single hop series, Ward 1 - Cascade, as well as Diving Horse Pale Ale, Unearthed Amber Ale and the last few bottles of our Muddy York Porter.

With the temperatures staying high, be sure to stock up on some quality, local craft beer and enjoy the holiday!

Stay tuned to Twitter or our events page to find out about upcoming pop-ups.

Hope to see you Saturday!

Muddy York On Tap Now!

If you've ever opened your own business, or done a major project of any sort, you're no stranger to delays. They are inevitable. In fact, for a brewery, it's normal to be delayed by months, if not, years. We are no exception to that rule.

I knew going into it that my timelines would need to be flexible. Having said that, I am surprised it took this long. I'm ok with that. Why? Because the beer needed to be right. I certainly wasn't going to release something that wasn't up to snuff. I figured a few test batches, a few adjustments and we'd be ready to roll – I was definitely mistaken. My homebrewing system was dialed in so much that I never gave it a second thought. I knew how it worked and I knew how to get great results out of it. What I forgot was what it took to get me to that point.

With our brewhouse, not only did I have to get to know an entirely new system, but how to get the results I wanted from a much bigger volume! 500L conicals and 19L glass carboys are different beasts. There were also the inevitable mishaps with connections and spills. My cleaning regimes needed to be properly executed to maintain cleanliness at all stages throughout the brewing process. There was also yeast management on a scale that I had not done before, of which I took great steps to prevent contamination. I had to wade through a number of water chemistry and pH issues. I adjusted each batch to reach the parameters that I wanted. It's a slow process, because you brew, wait, taste, make a single adjustment as not to throw off your troubleshooting, brew, wait, taste and repeat. It is what it is and I didn't face anything that I haven't or wouldn't have faced brewing at home. It just takes time. It cannot be rushed. It was interesting to see that a factor that doesn't necessarily show itself too much when brewing 19L, all of a sudden becomes an enormous influence on the final beer when brewing 500L.

Through all of this, there were many people that offered their help, ears, and advice to me. I would like to thank them (in no particular order): Mike Bray and all the gang at 5 Paddles Brewing Company, Sean Walpole at the William Street Brewery, the fine gentlemen at Forked River Brewing, Chris Schryer at the Toronto Beer Blog, Cody & Scott at Amsterdam Brewing, Jeremy Coghill at Lansdowne Brewery and Eric Cousineau from GTA Brews. If I've forgotten some of you, please forgive me.

Above all, I would like to thank my very talented wife Susan, who's unyielding patience, support and efforts have brought into focus Muddy York's visual and esthetic look. It's something I'm very proud of. I couldn't have possibly done this without you babe, thank you!!

At the end of the day, the beer needed to be right. No matter how much time or money went down the drain.

I'm proud to say, that the day has finally come!

We've been keeping touch with some of our favourite craft beer bars and restaurants over the past year. Our friends at these establishments have offered us encouragement and support and are as excited as we are to release our first of many beers. To start, we will be available at The Wren, The Mugshot Tavern, Buster Rhino's Southern BBQ in Oshawa and The Bent Elbow in Kitchener. We will also be pouring at The Only's Winter Beer Fest on Saturday February 7th along with many other great breweries.

Our first release is our Muddy York Porter. It is decidedly easy drinking with notes of dark chocolate and roasted marshmallow. The porter style ties into the historical theme of the brewery, and considering the season, we thought it would be the natural beer to lead off with. It may surprise some of you how easy drinking it is, especially if you're used to stronger and sometimes flavoured versions. At 4.7%, it certainly is a beer that can be enjoyed over the course of a night. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Please feel free to check in on Untappd or any other beer rating app you may use and tell us what you think. Honesty is always welcome and encouraged. You can check out our Presently Pouring page to find out where we'll be pouring next.

Let's fill those pint glasses, the journey has only just begun!!


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The Beer is Almost Here

After a not-so-long summer that has come and gone, we've been left wondering, "what the heck happened?" I know it flew by for us.

During the course of the last month or so I've been breaking in my system. Ironing out the kinks and pushing it in a calculated way to see what kind of beer this little brewhouse of ours is going to produce. Well, if I may say so myself, damn good beer (to borrow a phrase from our friends at Amsterdam). Calibrating the efficiencies, adjusting hop additions, practicing transfers and dialing in the flow of a typical brew day has been fun but not without it's share of outrageous mishaps. I've learned to regard rubber boots, safety glasses and heat resistant gloves as my best friends. Having worked through this testing phase, I'm feeling confident that I'll be able to deliver the kind of beer I've always wanted Muddy York Brewing Co. to bring to the table.

Our good friends and colleagues at some local breweries have been kind enough to supply us with some very healthy yeast, a critical component in making great beer, and for that I am truly grateful. I'm always inspired by the generosity of the brewing community, homebrewing and now professional, and how people are always willing to help out and offer advice to one another. It's these people and this attitude that really makes this community a very special one. I hope to continue paying it forward as others have done for me.

So ready your pint glasses beer lovers, the beer is almost here.



Taking Shape

Since starting construction on our brewhouse back in April, a lot has gone down. I've finally been able to take a step back and look at what the last couple of months of early mornings and late nights have produced, and it's a fine sight indeed. We're almost there! A few key things still need to happen, but all of our tanks are in place, our control panel, pumps and fittings are all set up, our mobile pump and heavy duty hoses are working excellently and our manual keg washing system and inline oxygen infuser are ready to be tested.

The next step will be to fire up the heating elements, circulate water through my HERMS (Heat Exchange Recirculating Mash System) coil and to test the whirlpool port on the brew kettle. I look forward to experimenting with the whirlpool at the end of the boil to figure out how to get the best flavour profile out of my late hop additions, of which I'm certain the whirlpool will play a big part.

I was expecting a moderate learning curve with using the larger equipment, but to be honest, so far, it's been pretty smooth. That's not to say I haven't soaked the walls and ceiling a few times when my pump moved water faster than expected, but after a few laughs and ringing out of many towels, all was good. I've made sure everything in the brewhouse that involves electricity is GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected. Where water and electricity are in proximity of each other, you can never be too careful. Especially with said mishaps!

All we are waiting on are our final approvals from the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) and the AGCO (Alcohol & Gaming Commission of Ontario). Canada Revenue was in the other week to inspect the layout of the brewhouse and to calibrate the final product vessel (kegs) for taxation purposes. They were very pleasant to work with and it looks like we were able to address all of the points that they required. Once we receive our Excise Duty License from them, we will pass a copy along to the AGCO which has approved our manufacturer's license pending receipt of our Excise Duty License. Once we have the final paperwork, it's go time!

A few test batches will be in order to assess our brewhouse efficiency, hop utilization and yeast management, but once we're confident that everything is where it should be, then it's time for some Muddy York Beer to find it's way to some eager taps and mugs around town!

Can't wait to start brewing!



A brewery, a girl and a video

We at Muddy York Brewing Co. have some very talented friends. We are especially delighted when we get to employ these talented friends at the things they do best. Take our introduction video directed by the very lovely Ashlea Wessel. We approached Ashlea to do our little story video back in November, wondering if she would want to muck around with some motion work. She brought the gear, some coffee and 2 beer-loving assistants (a big thank you to Alex and Bryan!) and we got to work in our small garage with Jeff's brew equipment. Boy, did she blow us away! The video totally exceeded our expectations and we couldn't be happier. When Ashlea wasn't too busy taking photos of rock icons or Toronto Roller Derby, we asked her to answer a few questions and give us a scoop on the behind-the-scenes.

Describe what you do

Well, I've worked as a photographer for the past 8(ish) years doing everything from band promo to commercial to portraits and fine art. I've dabbled in motion here and there throughout the years and I'm just now starting to take it on as a larger part of what I do. Yeah, my job's pretty awesome.

What influences you?

EVERYTHING! Pop culture, books, all kinds of art, travel, music, you name it. All of those factors always come into play when I'm working on a project, but if I'm working with a specific subject, it's important to me that the person's character comes through in some way. I suppose people influence my work the most of all.

What gear did you use?

Shooting this promo we simply shot on Canon 5d mkII and 7d. The lighting was just hanging work lights and a small bank of kinos. (For those who don't know, it's a rectangular bank of lights that makes you look purdy).

What was your vision for the video?

I loved the story behind the Muddy York name and the design for the branding of the company kind of gave me a historical, warm, down-home feeling. I swear Jeff's mustache was the Pièce de résistance on that one. It really brought the concept together (haha).

How we were to work with?

Don't get me started! What a bunch of prima donnas! (Could not be further from the truth). I loved working with you guys (the folks of Muddy York) I admire you as a team and you have such a great vibe, level of creativity and all-around enthusiasm for everything you do. I couldn't have chosen more awesome, talented people to work with.

What challenges did you have?

Well, aside from it being the coldest day EVER, we did, in fact, have a little brush with terror when something that was not supposed to be on fire, caught on fire. I, in my infinite wisdom, swore my face off and called for someone to come save me. There's audio to prove it. I'm a brave warrior.

Are you a fan of craft beer and why?

I absolutely love craft beer and everything it stands for. There's so much care put into each different recipe and what ingredients are used. It can be so much more unique and personal and there's honestly a love there for the art of brewing that you don't see in the large beer companies. I definitely see that in the way Jeff runs Muddy York.

Anything else you want to add?

I love Muddy York! These questions are making me thirsty.

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Introducing Muddy York Brewing Co.

Thank you for visiting Muddy York Brewing Co.’s new website. We are very excited to share our story with you as we venture into the exciting world of craft beer. We are working very diligently at building our brewhouse in the East York area of Toronto. Our hopes are to have beer fermenting away in the very near future. Please be sure to sign up for our newsletter, and we will keep you posted on our developments, events and news. Stay Tuned!

Our Brewhouse Has Arrived!

After many months of planning and preparing our brewery layout, our tanks have finally arrived! Once the renovations are complete, we’ll be assembling all the parts and pieces, followed by some rigorous testing and tweaking. The initial setup will consist of a Hot Liquor Tank, Mash Tun, Brew Kettle, two jacketed cylindroconical fermentors and a single jacketed Brite Tank. We can’t wait to get those grains mashin’!

Muddy York Brewing Co. will be a production only brewery to start, supplying draft beer to your favourite neighbourhood wateringhole. Immediately following the start of production, we will be working to incorporate an on-site retail store. Craft beer fans like you will be able to visit the brewery, talk with us and purchase beer directly from the source. Get your iceboxes ready!