Sours!? Sweet!

Sour beers produce complex layers of flavours that you just won’t find in most other styles. We believe this is why sours have grown so popular with those who don’t typically love beer. You may wonder what gives sour beers their distinctive taste. The answer, is Lactobacillus, a bacteria that turns sugars into lactic acid. It’s the same bacteria that gives yogurt its slightly sour taste. Try one today, or introduce this style to the uninitiated. They may go wild for the funky, fruity, and tart taste of sours!

Luckily, if you’re sweet on sours, we’ve just canned our Staring Down The Sun Clementine Sour, Ricky's Refresher Strawberry-Lime Berliner Weisse,and Fox Hunter Dry-Hopped Sour. Get some in-store, on-tap, and online.

Muddy York Brewing Co.