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The Beer is Almost Here

After a not-so-long summer that has come and gone, we've been left wondering, "what the heck happened?" I know it flew by for us.

During the course of the last month or so I've been breaking in my system. Ironing out the kinks and pushing it in a calculated way to see what kind of beer this little brewhouse of ours is going to produce. Well, if I may say so myself, damn good beer (to borrow a phrase from our friends at Amsterdam). Calibrating the efficiencies, adjusting hop additions, practicing transfers and dialing in the flow of a typical brew day has been fun but not without it's share of outrageous mishaps. I've learned to regard rubber boots, safety glasses and heat resistant gloves as my best friends. Having worked through this testing phase, I'm feeling confident that I'll be able to deliver the kind of beer I've always wanted Muddy York Brewing Co. to bring to the table.

Our good friends and colleagues at some local breweries have been kind enough to supply us with some very healthy yeast, a critical component in making great beer, and for that I am truly grateful. I'm always inspired by the generosity of the brewing community, homebrewing and now professional, and how people are always willing to help out and offer advice to one another. It's these people and this attitude that really makes this community a very special one. I hope to continue paying it forward as others have done for me.

So ready your pint glasses beer lovers, the beer is almost here.