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Proost! Borrel Pops-Up at Muddy York Brewing

Enjoy Traditional Dutch Snacks in the Muddy York Taproom. Saturday, July 21st, our favourite Dutch resto Borrel brings some fabulously beer-friendly comfort food.


Cone of Fries - $6
Our Dutch-style fries are hand-cut, blanched, and double fried. Try them with mayo, curry ketchup, or both!

Bitterballen - $7.50
These deep-fried balls of goodness served with mustard are a classic Dutch bar snack. Beef or Veggie (broccoli and mushroom)

Frikandel Speciaal - $7.50
The Dutch answer to the hot dog is this deep-fried beef, pork and chicken (yes, all three) sausage on a bun topped with mayo, curry ketchup and diced onions.