Yes, We Can

You’ve probably noticed over the last while, we’ve been packaging most of the beer we sell out of our retail shop in 355ml cans. While we loved the look of our elegant 500ml bottles, we decided to transition to cans for a few reasons.
The first is that aluminum cans are the best way to ensure quality and freshness. They prevent spoilage by protecting from light and oxygen, thus keeping the contents within fresh and tasting great. Aluminum is 100% recyclable and unlike glass bottles which are manufactured overseas, aluminum is produced locally. Lastly, thanks to the good folks at Northern Canning, we are able to package thousands of cans in one shot (as opposed to the sixty or so bottles we are capable of filling in the same amount of time). This means we have better inventory of your favourite Muddy York beers and are far less likely to be sold-out of them when you visit the brewery.

Modern beer cans are lined with a polymer coating to ensure that the aluminum never comes into contact with the beer. This eliminates the possibility that the beer you’re drinking will taste metallic. As you sip from a can, the proximity of your nose to the aluminum might give off a slight metallic aroma, but the beer itself will not contain any of that flavour. That’s why it’s always a good idea to pour your beer into a glass (plus you get a cool visual).

Recently, we’ve put our old classics Major Small Best BitterStork Derby Stout, and Muddy York Porter in 355mL cans for the first time. They taste and looks great and you’ll be happy to know we’ve got them in the retail fridge and online.
Change is good. So are cans.
Muddy York Brewing Co.